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Sistem de discutii D-Cerno Televic

D-Cerno is Televic's digital discussion system for small to medium-sized conference applications. Amongst other systems on the market it stands out through its digital technology, its stylish design and its ease of use.


The product with a story ... In line with Televic’s innovation strategy, D-Cerno is the innovator within its market segment. On the sketch board it became clear from the first draw of the pen that D-Cerno wasn't going to be like any of its peers on the market. D-Cerno even turned out to be a little vain.


Looking around in the market it came to the conclusion that it could bring style and design to a dull market place crowded with unappealing products.


Once D-Cerno was pleased with its looks, it was still not satisfied as it realized that looks isn’t everything. So it also wanted to stand out from the crowd with its internal beauty. And thus analog technology was too outdated for D-Cerno: it didn’t want to go for anything less than digital. It despised traditional buttons that made clicking noises and collected germs and dirt around them.

It wanted to continue to serve the people, even if a cable would accidently break or disconnect. And finally it wanted to go to sleep automatically when everyone had left the meeting room, hence saving on power and showing its concern for the environment. In all its uniqueness, it turned out that D-Cerno was a little shy as well.


While it kept a low profile on the meeting table, it wanted the company of its central unit. But only if it could share the looks and internal beauty that it cherishes so much.


And so the first digital, stylish, clean and eco-aware product in its category was born. We hope that next time you’re in a meeting you’ll realize that your eyes – just like your ears - deserve a treat, and that your speech deserves digital!

Sistem de discutii D-Cerno Televic

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