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Sistem de conferinta TCS 2500 Televic

A range of easy-to-install flush mount products that combine a number of functions into a single delegate panel.


The TCS2500 All-in-one panels are build around a wear-resistant steel baseplate. The daisy-chain wiring reduces installation time to a minimum.


Easy and quick installation The Televic Combo panels combine all required functions in one single panel. This means that for flush-mounting, only one single cut-out is required in the furniture and cabling is reduced to a minimum.


This significantly reduces the time needed to install the equipment and reduces the cabling complexity. And of course less cables mean higher reliability.


Daisy-chain wiring Using cat-5 cabling with RJ45 connections, the all-in-one combo panels easily connect in daisy chain. This makes installation go fast and painless, saving time for the installer and creating minimum disruption for the end-user or owner of the conference room.


Wear-resistant front These conference panels are made to withstand the wear of years of intensive use. Made of a steel base plate and a steel grid to protect the loudspeaker, these high quality panels will last longer than any plastic alternative will do.


GSM-interference-free microphone The panel is equipped with a fixed gooseneck microphone, specially treated for immunity against interference from RF mobile phone interference.


Televic’s interference-free microphones are known to have the highest degree of immunity against mobile phone interference in the conference equipment market.

Sistem de conferinta TCS 2500 Televic

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