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Sistem de discutii TCS 5500 Televic

A range of modular panels that allow to compose a delegate station that meets the specific requirements of an installation.


All panels have a wear-resistant steel front and are easy to install. The modular concept allows for a multitude of customization possibilities.


Fully scalable A TCS5500 based system is fully scalable. It can be used for set-ups in small conference rooms, but can just as well be expanded to installations with hundreds of delegates. .Customizable


The modular TCS5500 panels can be customised to fit the specific needs of an install. Panels sizes, colour or button lay-outs can be changed according to the requirements of the customer. .Multi-room networking An install existing of several rooms can benefit from the advanced room coupling possibilities.


Local and remote room management features facilitate the management of the conference equipment, not only for a single room, but for a complete building as a whole.


Multi-language applications The TCS5500 based system offers simultaneous interpretation up to 58 channels, which makes it ideal for large institutions or conference centers hosting large international conventions. ..

Sistem de discutii TCS 5500 Televic

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