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Software sistem de conferinta interactiv iCOS Televic

iCOS is an Interactive Conference Solution providing the fusion of MultiMedia and state-of-the-art Televic


Conference Systems. iCOS creates a totally new conferencing experience for the delegate, chairmain and operator thanks to its touch screen capabilities. Intuitive user experience Touch screens and user-friendly functionality create an intuitive and easy-to-use environment for the conference delegates.


Users can access speaker information and consult the meeting agenda by simply selecting the relevant topic on-screen. Each user can choose to see the user interface in his own language, thanks to the multi-language interface.


Advanced voting Adding a touch screen to the conference delegate station opens a full array of new possibilities for voting. No longer limited to 3- or 5-button voting, the system can now handle longer lists of voting options and for example candidate lists.


Chairman controls Via the touchscreen, chairmen can now have an intuitive overview of speakers and request lists. They can now easily interact with the system and activate or deactivate microphones. Furthermore they can control and manage the voting and meeting agenda.


Screen distribution Delegates or chairmen can distribute the content of their screen to all other delegates. Multiple screens can be distributed simultaneously in the system. This allows one or more delegates to distribute a document, presentation or other information on the screens instead of handing them out on paper.

Software sistem de conferinta interactiv iCOS Televic

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