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ShowLED Animation

The standard video backdrop system we provide is the ShowLED Animation system. Compared to most existing ‘LED to fabric’ applications, ShowLED ANIMATION retains randomly positioned LEDs, with a significantly raised density. LEDs can be individually controlled as pixels to display your low to medium resolution still images, video loops and flash animations. Because of the RGB LEDs on thin socket cables and the Velcro mounting system the system is lightweight, flexible and easy to install. 1 ShowLED Animation curtain only weighs 45 kg. so you don't need a big crew to install it. Fold it, wrap it, drape it, use it as a ceiling curtain, install the video backdrop on a track system. The only limitation to our system is your imagination. We can use different types of fabric, place the LEDs anyway you prefer (random, matrix or specific layout) and place them up to 100 LEDs/m² (approx pixel pitch 10 cm.). The Animation curtains can be controlled with Arkaos VJ DMX or with the Maxedia Media server or with the new V-box in which you can input VGA/Composite or S-video signal so it's compatible with all existing media servers and video software. You’ll be amazed of the extra spark that the Animation can add to your set design. ShowLED Animation High Output Do you want to create a sense of infinite space on stage? Add depth to your setting or achieve the illusion of a realistic sky? Then our High Output LEDs are exactly what you need. The High Output dot emits up to 12 times more light than our standard Animation LEDs. Developed for theatres, rental companies and TV studiosthese High Output LEDs achieve a magical even light distribution when backlighting Cyclorama material or projection screens. The High Output system is ideal for Cyclorama applications. The Cyclorama is commonly used in the Theatre/Entertainment and Film/TV markets all over the world. Now we have put all our efforts together to use this technique in combination with our newest LED technologies. You can use the Cyclorama as a traditional stage backdrop to achieve varied looks by changing intensity and colors. But you can do so much more than that. Animate your scenery, create sets on the spot, run text and graphics. Flat or curved, it’s all the same. Since you’re using a backdrop, flexibility is an inherent feature. You don’t need the extra space to light out the Cyclorama like you would with conventional lighting. Just an extra 30 cm distance behind the diffuser screen is enough to create that spark of magic. ShowLED V-box • Animation backdrops compatible with all media servers/video software • No additional video controllers or converters necessary • Plug & Play; just upload the configuration file and start projecting • Supports Composite, VGA and S-Video signal • 19’’ rack mountable

ShowLED Animation

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