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ShowLED Classic system

We developed our ShowLED Classic system because there was a demand for easy to use and ready made starcloths. The older starcloth systems with pea bulbs or fiber optic just didn't seem resistant, lightweight and flexible enough to fulfill the industry's need for reliable and easy starcloth systems. ShowLED Classic Starcloths with bluish/white LEDs add a spark to an otherwise dull black backdrop. It will certainly surprise you and your audience because never did an artificial star sky look so realistic. The LEDs are placed in the black Molton fabric forming constellations and star fields, divided over 8 DMX channels. This way the lighting operator can control the effects of the grouped LEDs; minimum and maximum intensity, chase speed, pattern type and pattern behaviour. The Classic controller can also be programmed manually and the settings can be saved inside the controller. This stand alone feature makes the Classic curtain a plug and play application that can operate without DMX control. Controllers can easily be linked together to control different curtains joined together. This way you can create a starry backdrop in virtually every size. We now also offer single coloured Classic LEDs in the colours red, blue, yellow, green and white. This way you can easily add colour to your Classic starcloth just by changing the LED.

ShowLED Classic system

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