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The MAGICFX CO2 Jets create cryogenic fog plumes of approximately 8m. high. The effect is very reliable and repeatable because of it’s high quality valve. The CO2 Jets can be mounted in truss constructions or placed on stages. The CO2 Jets must be used with liquid CO2 tanks. When the CO2 comes out of the Jets there will be a loud sizzling sound which make the effect even more spectacular! Tanks can be purchased or rented separately. Controllable by DMX if connected to a DMX switch pack. Product code MFX1101 Size 125mm x 85mm x 130mm Nozzle 25cm Ø5cm Ground / truss plate 275mm x 125mm Weight 3.5kgs Voltage 230V Power 200V Consumption CO2 gas (liquid) Output approx. 8m. (depending on the humidity


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