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Moving Head SolaSpotâ„¢ LED

Proiector inteligent SolaSpot™ LED


The new SolaSpot™ LED...The highest performance LED spot in its class. The industry is about to get a favorite new lighting tool!


Lightweight, bright, fast full featured with a bright white LED source outputting more then a conventional 575 fixture. No more lamp changes, lower noise and less heat all equate to a fixture with longer life, higher return on investment and increased reliability.


Including High End System’s patented lens defogger, SolaSpot™ LED is yet another innovative step towards the future. SolaSpot™ LED is the most advanced and full featured LED moving yoke on the market today!



6000 Lumens LED Output

Bright White LED Engine

Even Beam Field

Rotating Gobo Wheel 7 + 1

Fixed Gobo Wheel 7 + 1

Fixed Color Wheel 7 + 1

Fast Zoom 10 to 30 degrees

Remote Focus

Variable Iris

Rotating Prism

Lowest Price in Class

Small Footprint

Quiet Operation

Fast Pan and Tilt

Moving Head SolaSpotâ„¢ LED

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