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Dimmer Rack Sensor3 CE Installation Racks


Sensor3 is the foundation for a versatile power system that builds on our proven Sensor™ workhorse system with CEM3 control. ETC's Sensor3 Power Control Systems are the performance standard for top theaters, TV studios, and concert halls worldwide. Because a complete range of Sensor3 racks are available, smaller venues like schools and community theaters can also afford Sensor3 excellence.


Modularity means configurability: mix and match the modules in the racks according to your particular fixture inventory. Now with Sensor3’s new three-in-one ThruPower modules, you can freely jump from Dimmable to Non-Dim, as well as lock a circuit to a constant hot output override without changing modules. The compact design lets you slide up to 48 modules for up to 96 circuits of 1.3kW, 2.3kW, 3.0kW, 5kW and 10kW dimming in and out of a single Sensor3 rack – without tools!


With CEM3 Power Control, your system is high performance, fast to set up and easy to use! Quickly override levels with console-style number-pad entry. Take remote management even further with Advanced Feature (AF) monitoring by providing circuit-specific information, such as load changes, lamp failures or breaker trips directly to the control console.


Our philosophy at ETC is “zero downtime!” Add the optional backup stations for an easy, ‘off the network’ control backup solution for failure proofing. Additionally, system backup is stored directly in the rack – which means no setup during controller changes – and options are available for secondary USB backups.


Product Features

  • 12-, 24-, 36- and 48-module configurations
  • 1.3kW, 2.3kW, 3.0kW, 5kW and 10kW dimmers
  • Standard, enhanced, and high rise-time choices
  • Front-access installation with easily accessible line, load and control terminations
  • Dual processors for redundant tracking
  • Direct Ethernet control-signal input and two DMX512 inputs
  • Standard system- and rack-monitoring with diagnostic reporting
  • Advanced Features (AF) option records and monitors circuit-specific load information
  • CE-compliant

Dimmer Rack Sensor3 CE Installation Racks

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Sensor3 CE Installation Racks 48 U
Sensor3 CE Installation Racks 48 U
Sensor3 CE Installation Racks 48 U
Sensor3 CE Installation Racks 48 U
Sensor3 CE Installation Racks 12 U
Sensor3 CE Installation Racks 12 U
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