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Consola de lumini GIO - NEW!


NEW! ETC Gio™ lighting control console

Need the power of an Eos® lighting system but in a smaller desk, sized just right for your budget and space? Or, maybe you’re going on tour? Lightweight with a tidy footprint, Gio is scaled to travel -- taking Eos’s multi-award winning console feature-set on the road.


The middle child of the Eos line, Gio sits between Ion® and Eos in the product family – sharing the same powerful programming DNA.


Gio also introduces some new technologies to the Eos line-up. Backlit buttons have arrived (so now you can use your dimmable Littlites® for your script instead!) Gio includes two integral, articulating multi-touch displays and supports up to three external displays, all of which can also be multi-touch.


And of course, Gio can integrate into an Eos or Ion system with ease, acting as a primary, back-up, or client console in combination with the rest of the family. All of the accessories available for Eos and Ion service Gio as well.


The keypad layout is virtually identical to Eos, making moving between platforms a snap. If you know Eos – the industry standard in lighting control – you’ll know (and love) Gio.


Gio – more Complete Control – from ETC



Product Features

  • 10,000 channels (devices)
  • 2048, 4096, 6144, or 8192 outputs/parameters
  • Dedicated master-playback fader pair
  • 10 definable motorized faders, with 30 pages of control
  • 999 cue lists
  • 200 active playbacks
  • 300 submasters
  • 4 pageable haptic encoders
  • 2 – 12.1” LCD touchscreens
  • Supports 3 external DVI/SVGA monitors touchscreens optional
  • High-density live and blind displays
  • Electronic magic sheets
  • Virtual Media Server Control with stock content (user images may be imported)
  • Net3™ (ACN based) and ETCNet2™ native
  • Artnet and Avab UDP optional
  • Multiple MIDI and SMPTE Inputs
  • Client/server networking and synchronized backup
  • Client and Offline programming on PC (Windows 7 or XP) and native on Macintosh (Intel only, OS X)
  • Data-laundering from Obsession®, Express/ion, Emphasis™, Congo® and Strand 500/300 series show files via ASCII
  • 12 discrete on-line users with partitioned control
  • Seven multipurpose USB bus (pointing devices, keyboard, touchscreens, flashdrives)

Consola de lumini GIO - NEW!

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Consola de lumini GIO
Consola de lumini GIO
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