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Schimbator de culori - MagMax


Mag Max Mk2 color changer


The color changer MagMax is a versatile, easy to use cartridge color changer. Because of the cartridge system it possible to change quick and easy the color string. The frame positions are autimatically scanned after inserting the cartridge. This is realized by aluminium markers, which are moving through a light sensor. With this technique frame positions can be corrected during operation, when the string is expanding because of the heat.


The programming possibilities are indicated in plain text on the LCD display. Further features are a dark color mode and a real time drive for fade overs. High resoluion  sensors provide exact, synchronous moves like horizontal fades with a couple of devices.


The successor Mk2 differs from its predecessor only in the outward form. The reason for changing is an cartridge adaptation to the Mag Vader (dimmer shutter and color changer in one device). Now it is possible to use the same cartridge in MagMax and MagVader.For example a cartridge with color code „red“ fits to the devices Mag Max Mk2 250 and Mag Vader 200.


The color cartridge can be exchanged within a few seconds. The breakes for changing and setting up for the next show can be shortended  considerably. After putting in the color cartridge, the color changer will automatically scan the string and memorise the individual positions of the color tape. There is no more need for any further programming of the positions. The individual positions of the colors are detected by the aluminium markers on the string which move through a light sensor. Special (longer) markers are at the first and the last frame to recognize the begin and the end.


The controlling is done by DMX512 (USITT). The position, the speed and the fan intensity (noise reduction) can be triggered by DMX.


The string can be moved in linear and frame-by-frame mode. In linear mode every position on the foil can be reached. In frame-by-frame mode only the full color frames are resonsive. A dark color mode is possible for especially sensitive colors. A dark color frame has the double length of a normal frame and will be moved in slowmotion from the beginning of the frame to its end. The advantage is a better heat distribution on the foil, so that the gel has a longer lifetime.


Speed can be programmed as a speed or time function. Speed control defines the speed with which the color tape should move. Time control determines a time in which the next move is to be done. This time can be programmed from 1s to 120min. via DMX. This allows very slow movement to make sunrise effects for example but also very quick color changes (20 colors in 3.5 seconds for MM200) can be realized.


The fan intensity can be determined from 0% to 100% to avoid noise if necessary.


The built in 32-Bit Processor provides a high throughput of the computer, quick positioning and uncomplicated handling. Even when triggering several color changers the precise control system provides an absolute synchronous movement. Thus horizon crossfadings can also be realised with several color changers on a large width.


Because of the absolute value device, the device doesn´t need to make any initialisation runs after power up. The lighted LCD display (the light can be switched off) leads the user in plain text instructions through the various programming steps. The instrucions are available either in english or german language.

Schimbator de culori - MagMax

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