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Lasere Seria X Beam & X Beam +

The X-Beam is suitable for small clubs, discos, mobile DJ´s and event technicians as well as for first-time user.


Available from 100mW green up to 800mW RGB convinced the X-Beam with real laser power and in this price range with ordinary processing. By the 20kpps or 30kpps scanning system, which is dependent on the model andin combination with anILDAinterface, graphics also can be output.


In combination with the LPS-LaserShowPlayer, you can control any X-Beam model via DMX and this with rxceptionally high-end DMX effects, programmed by LPS. Another distinct advantage compared to some far eastern equipment. As prescribed, ALL X-Beam models are equipped with the relevant safety shutdowns.


Aspremium models of the X-Beam series are the X-Beam+ models which are produced by LPS in Ofterdingen, Germany.


With it´s innovative and most modern technology in an unusually excellent price performance ratio these show laser systems distinguish a timeless design and high functionality.





X-Beam         Specification of the laser power             Power

100G            100 mW green, 20 kpps scanner                  0.1 W

200G            200 mW green, 20 kpps scanner                  0.2 W

300G            300 mW green, 20 kpps scanner                  0.3 W 


300RG          200 mW red, 100 mW green, 20 kpps          0.3 W

800RG          500 mW red, 300 mW green, 20 kpps          0.8 W


500RGB        160 mW red, 50 mW green, 300 mW blue     0.5 W

800RGB        300 mW red, 200 mW green, 300 mW blue   0.8 W



MODELS          Specification of the laser power

X-Beam+         Made in Germany                                      Power

500G            500 mW green, 20 kpps scanner                   0.5 W

1000G          1000 mW green, 20 kpps scanner                 1.0 W

2000G          2000 mW green, 20 kpps scanner                 2.0 W

4000G          4000 mW green. 20 kpps scnner                   4.0 W


1400RGB       600 mW red, 400 mW green, 400 mW blue    1.4 W

2000RGB       800 mW red, 600 mW green, 600 mW blue    2.0 W

3000RGB     1200 mW red, 800 mW green, 1000 mW blue  3.0 W

Lasere Seria X Beam & X Beam +

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