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Software Control LPS-RealCAD


Because of the two software parts, LPS-RealCAD and LPS-RealTIME, each laser show becomes effortlessly an overwhelming experience.


The LPS-RealCAD stands for an essential application and fulfills everything you might demand of a graphics program. The drawing surface can be displayed in full screen mode or, to simplify 3D-programming, in three drawing views (X, Y, Z) and one 3D-view.


An import filter for all established image formats like for example PLT, BMP, JPG, GIF and ILDA, a variety of special effects, eight different overlays, individual control of 6 scanners, a large pre-programmed picture library and individual adjustment of every single point for angular optimization from 0° – 180° are only a few of the integrated, extensive editing functions. In addition, 32 internal character fonts and all true type fonts can be imported.



By the highly developed LPS-RealTIME software, it is very easy to animate previously programmed laser parts and pictures.


To create and optimize extremely large laser shows very comfortably, 6 separately controllable scanner-output-levels, each with 32 tracks, are available.  


Only a few clicks are necessary to add effects like fade in, fade out, morphing, run text, sound effects and much more. For this, you have at any time access to the image library which is already used with the LPS-RealTIME Pro.


Bitmap-rasters provide even more variation in displaying laser graphics.


Bitmaps that have been scanned before will be displayed as a full picture in real colours, which makes every single picture even more vivid.


Imported as a wav-file or as a mp3, music tracks can be provided with special sound effects. In that way, graphic shows seem much more realistic. To learn more about the endless programming functions of the LPS-RealTIME Pro, the software includes, among a multitude of pre-programmed pictures, at least 50 already finished laser shows with open access.


To make sure that every user is able to create an amazing laser show very easily, we offer individual software training in our company.


Extensive knowledge and practical use of the software LPS-RealTIME Pro will be combined.


An essential point is the topic laser safety, which starts with programming a laser show.


Our software support is available for all questions regarding laser shows.


In LPS-RealTIME Pro you will find our laser users′ and programmers′ concentrated know-how.


As LPS-RealTIME Pro is solely available as full version, we keep it up to date with new ideas and intelligent solutions.

Software Control LPS-RealCAD

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