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Set microfon fara fir US 8001D + MH 750


Receptor - US-8001D
Preset 16 selectable UHF channels.
Single / Dual transmitter operation.
Diversity technology prevents dropouts in the RF link.
PLL synthesized technology.
Noise mute and pilot tone squelch.
Equipped with both XLR balanced and Ø6.3mm unbalanced outputs.
Tuned antennas maximize the effective range of the wireless link.
Compact half rack space design.
An derivative version with BNC antenna connecter of US-8001D / US-8002D.
Transmitator - MH 750
16 Selectable channels.
PLL synthesized control.
Advanced circuitry ensures stable signal transmission.
Noise mute and Tone-key squelch.
Extended dynamic range and smooth frequency response.
Internal antenna des

Set microfon fara fir US 8001D + MH 750

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