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Headset DPA d:fine™ - Directional

Microfon tip Headset DPA d:fine™


Pristine audio quality

Dual-ear mounting for active situations

Rejects background noise

Adapts to all pro wireless systems


The DPA d:fine™ headset has the leading position when it comes to headworn microphones by combining absolute pristine audio quality with unique and simple mechanical solutions along side an extensive accessory line.


The d:fine has been ergonomically designed to fit easily and seamlessly. It will adjust to fit any ear size and head shape while mounting securely and hardly visible on both ears. The dual-ear mount is dedicated for more active situations and will be safe in even the most rigorous and energetic performance applications.


Just by rotating the boom and the earhooks, the microphone can be moved from left to right ear, or into the optimum position. The d:fine directional rejects side and background noise while creating higher separation from nearby sound sources which improves the gain-to-feedback ratio and gives more channel control. Yet still, natural voice intelligibility is preserved along with its very high SPL capabilities one can both speak and sing with no hint of distortion. This is where the DPA d:fine is head and shoulders above its competition.


Intensive protection against pop/wind noise is integrated in the microphone design and windscreens are included. Also included is a capsule protection cap, a cable clip which anchors the cable to your clothing and a color coded cable clip offering easy recognition of a specific headset among many.

A service connector splits the cable from the microphone boom and allows for quick exchange of cable lengths/colors/connectors and is valuable for servicing broken cables.


Available in black, beige, and brown, the DPA d:fine is delivered in a neat, professional roadworthy box with extra room for accessories like transmitters, batteries and more.


The DPA accessory line includes windscreens, power supplies and adapters or cables with fixed connectors (MicroDot, 3-pin Lemo, TA4F mini XLR, Mini-jack).


Whats in the box

Microphone (boomear-hookcable)

Cable clip which anchors the cable to your clothing

Make-up and moisture filter (DUA0523) pre-mounted on the mic

Five identification rings and one make-up cover (DUA0585)

Four windscreens (DUA0531)

Headset DPA  d:fine™ - Directional

specificatiile produsului

DPA dfine Dual-Ear Short 40 mm Brown-L
DPA dfine Dual-Ear Short 40 mm Brown-L
DPA dfine Dual-Ear Long 90 mm Brown-L
DPA dfine Dual-Ear Long 90 mm Brown-L
DPA dfine Headset Microphone in Case-L
DPA dfine Headset Microphone in Case-L
DPA dfine Single-Ear Beige-L
DPA dfine Single-Ear Beige-L
DPA dfine on Performers_1-L
DPA dfine on Performers_1-L
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