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MiniLINK – the optional USB interface and PC Software for the Minilyzer ML1 and Digilyzer DL1 puts the Minstruments into a new league of affordable measurement tools. MiniLINK is pre-installed in all Acoustilyzer AL1. MiniLINK allows documentation and data acquisition of all ML1/AL1/DL1 functions. In conjunction with the new firmware for Minilyzer (release 3.xx) and Digilyzer (release 2.xx) the instruments are able to store and transfer screen shots and measurement data for post processing. MiniLINK is an upgradeable kit for the Minilyzer and Digilyzer. It consists of a small plug-in USB interface board that can be easily installed without any tools. System Requirements: * MiniLINK supports Windows 2000 + SP3, ME, XP or Vista * USB Interface The MiniLINK software package allows: * Storing measurement results and screenshots into the ML1/AL1/DL1 flash memory. * Transferring all stored data to the PC. * Printing screenshots or copying them into your documentation. * Logging on-line measurement results onto the PC and storing them as ASCII files (which allows easy Excel import) * Visualizing the ML1/AL1/DL1 display on your PC in full screen mode for presentations / education. * Upgrading the ML1/AL1/DL1 firmware (future firmware releases can be obtained by Internet). * Storing personified start-up screens into the instruments (for registered users). * Induction-Loop-Measurements AFILS with Minilyzer ML1 according to standard IEC 600118 MiniLINK includes: * USB interface board * MiniLINK PC Software * Firmware upgrade for ML1/DL1(only available in conjunction with the MiniLINK) * USB Cable * Manual


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