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Rapid Test RT-2M

RT-2M is a fast 2-channel audio generator and analyzer. The instrument is optimized for high-volume production lines and QC sampling inspections. RT-2M comprises a dual channel floating generator and a very fast dual channel Audio Frequency Analyzer offering multitone, stepped sweep and continuous sweep analysis. The built-in phantom power supplies allow direct microphone connection supporting acoustic test applications. Rapid-Test RT-2M The RT-2M audio frequency analyzer is a fast, programmable two-channel generator and analyzer. The RT-2M ensures proper and reliable function in every industrial environment, including easy to handle calibration and service procedures. High Speed Production Testing The RT-2M provides complete performance tests of essential audio parameters simultaneously, typically in less than a second. Test setups can easily be reconfigured to meet changing product test requirements. Optimized for Production Lines The RT-2M is optimized for integration into production lines and for QC sample inspection. The mission is to completely automate test procedures with no need for any form of manual or human “Golden Ear” testing. The RT-2M automatically captures, stores and analyzes incoming signals against QC tolerances in real-time and returns the test results back to the controlling PC without unnecessarily loading the host controller with number-crunching tasks. Powerful Digital Signal Processors (DSP) execute all the data measurement, filtering and extraction and results storage asynchronously: This minimizes the host controllers performance and occupation enabling control of up to 16 RT-2M units in parallel. Control of the systems is accomplished either via IEEE-488 or Serial RS232 connections. Ready-to-go Software Packages A comprehensive set of Ready-To-Go software packages, ranging from driver support and sample test code is available for all users. Specific turn-key software packages have been developed – all optimized for certain specialized markets. Evaluation Software RT-Eval The evaluation software RT-Eval is included with the Rapid Test Analyzer. The integration software package RT-EvalTM offers a simple graphical user interface to control every function of the RT-2M and RT-2X. o RT-Eval supports automatic source code generation for automated test sequences. o The integration into the customer’s environment is reduced to «cut and paste». o RT-Eval enables system configuration into virtually any environment.

Rapid Test RT-2M

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