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Generator Semnal Audio Analog - Minirator MR2

Minirator MR2 is a powerful audio generator, offering a full range of analog test signals for calibration, maintenance and repair of professional audio equipment. The signals include sine, pink noise, white noise, polarity, sweeps, chirps and delay. The rotary wheel combined with surrounding fast-access function keys enables instant and intuitive operation. Instrument operation is further enhanced with a backlit LCD-illuminated mute button, safety hand strap, jack for external DC power supply and a USB interface for firmware updates.



Generator Functions

  • Sine Waveforms, freely selectable frequencies, up to +8 dBu
  • Sweep Signals, any frequency interval up to 1/12 octave
  • White Noise, Pink Noise
  • Polarity Test Signal
  • Delay Test Signal 


Intuitive Operation

The most frequently used parameter changes such as waveform, level and frequency are accessible via function keys. The sensitivity of the rotary wheel is adjustable with the “sens” key.


Mute Key

The “mute” key is illuminated and mutes the signal generator output. A flashing backlight indicates the mute status to the operator.


External DC & USB Connector

For continuous operation beyond the typical 20 hours of a set of batteries, an external wall-plug power supply is available as an option. The USB interface enables firmware updates via the internet.

Generator Semnal Audio Analog - Minirator MR2

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