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Plana Fold

The new sophisticated lock and load latch system (LLL-patent pending)makes the setting-up very easy and guarantees a maximum life.The latches bite down when the surface is attached,making the frame extremely rigid. Mobile, easily set up –thus perfect for rental service. Each screen comes packed inwheeled, heavy-duty polyethylene carrying case. * Comfortable lock and load mechanism * Extremely rigid frame due to lock and load * No tools required for assembly and disassembly * The height is adjustable from approx. 5–140 cm * Standard T-feet support the screen in a vertical position. * Dimension in accordance with international standards * Screen surface with approx. 7 cm wide surrounding black border. All borders are ultrasonic-welded using a new PVC material that provides straighter, cleaner edges Screen surface * Front protection, Type D * Gain factor according to DIN 19045, approx. 1.2 * Matt white * 7 cm wide surrounding black border * Optional surfaces including rear projection W/H cm: 244/183, 305/229, 366/274, 427/320

Plana Fold

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