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Intercom system, cable based, ESPIRAL E-200 and CLEAR-COM compatible.


Simultaneous audible and visual auto-pulsed CALL signalling. LINK connections permits multichannel system design by using a unique master station model.


Novel internal battery operation permits short-time communications in emergency situations.


Global mics-off and buzzer-off mute systems for quiet room operation.


System can operate up to 60 beltpacks form master unit.


Master unit programmability: program interrupt, channel link, remote assign, etc... Mic P.A. out put with uncommited relay connections.


Beltpacks with Metallic (Aluminium) low weight box. Oval shape. Plastic Belt Clip. 12-30 VDC system operation, enables field cinema portability.


The series incorporates an universal 2 to 4 wire 4W2-200, meaning more compatibility.


Buzzer flash light FL-200.


Dual channel desk station with microphone and loudspeaker ES-200.


The new ALTAIR E-200 SERIES add more features to our popular Espiral E-100 series, maintaining compatibility.


All the components in the system incorporate a microcontroller to implement different tasks as Mic Killer, Remote all Buzzer switch-off, Mic Switch Latch or Push To Talk, Program Interrupt, etc. Remote All Mic switch-off helps the operator to maintain a lower noise conversation in noisy environments. Also implemented is the remote All Buzzers switch-off feature to avoid undesired audible CALL signalling during performances. The Master Station unit powers all the System components and incorporates new special features as System Expandability or Battery Operation. System Expandability permits creating a multichannel (4, 6, or more channels) Intercom System by using more Master Stations in a daisy chain arrangement. This feature enables freedom in the System design and in-site future upgrades.


Rental companies can benefit with lower component inventories. Our new internal


Battery operation permits short-time communications in difficult situations (= no Power) of emergency.


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