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The DX100 provides private, secure communication.


Each base station can have up to a total of fifteen BP200 Beltpacs, WH200 All-in-one


Wireless Headsets and/or WS200


Wireless Speaker Stations “registered” to it.


All Beltpacs or all WH200 Headsets, or a combination of Beltpacs, Headsets and/or Speaker Stations can be used.


Four of the fifteen Beltpacs, Headsets and/or Speaker Stations can transmit at the same time.


Beltpacs/Headsets/Speaker Stations can be used either in the Push-To-Talk (PTT) or Hands-Free (HF) mode.


The base station operator can stop any Beltpac/Headset/Speaker Station from transmitting.


The MB100 Base Station and WS200


Speaker Station can be operated using standard AC electricity, an external DC power source or six AA batteries.


A power supply, cable and a battery sled are included with the base station


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