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The DX121 is a 2.4 GHz Wireless Intercom System.


The Base Station will connect to a dynamic microphone headset jack or a 4-Wire connector of a hardwired intercom station, and also provides battery-charging capability for one battery.


The system typically uses BP200 Beltpacs, but can also be used with the WH200 All-in-One Headset and/or WS200 Wireless Speaker Station COMMUNICATOR®s.


Once connected to your system, you can leave your console or intercom station while using a Communicator.


• Each Base Station supports one Communicator in full duplex, hands-free operation


. • Each Base Station supports up to four registered Communicators.


• Compatible with RTS and ClearCom/Production Intercom wired intercom headset or 4-Wire capable equipment. NOTE: Use only with headset connectors capable of supporting dynamic microphone headsets.


• In the default mode, the ISO button activates relay-controlled contacts. For alternate operating mode, see Relay Operation, page 22.


• The IC button activates audio to the 4-Wire and headset Input/Output connector(s).


• The ISO and IC buttons activate audio to other registered Communicators


. • The Base Station can charge a BAT41 battery in less than 3 hours


• In case of power outage, the Base Station will operate temporarily from a battery in the charging port, for approximately 30 minutes.


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