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Proiector cu LED Desire D60

Desire D60 color arrays There are four arrays to choose from: spectrum-specific color extremes, clean white, or bold colored lighting.


You can order one of the color arrays when purchasing a D60 luminaire.


Vivid™ Desire D60 Vivid luminaires pair the brightest LED emitters with the most vibrant color range.


No other LED on the market can produce such spectrally balanced saturated light.


Lustr®+ The D60 Lustr+ array uses the premise of the x7 Color System to create lush white and subtly tinted light that can be adjusted to naturally illuminate on-stage talent or scenery.


The Lustr+ light output will satisfy even the most discerning theatrical lighting designer. Fire™ and Ice™ When you need color extremes for the warm and cool ends of the spectrum, choose the D60 Fire and Ice arrays.


The Fire and Ice luminaires’ brightness levels outperform conventional PAR fixtures – with huge energy savings.


Product Features


* 60 x 2.5W LED color-mixing wash fixture


* UL 1573-rated for stage and studio use


* Power and DMX in/thru connections for easy setup


* User-friendly control interface with multiple modes and fixture settings


* Easy-access slots for secondary lenses


* Primary field angle of 17°


* Secondary lenses available for multiple beam spread options

Proiector cu LED Desire D60

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