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Neon Fluorescent SpectraConnecT5

The SpectraConnecT5 system utilizes four T5/35W fluorescent tubes in red, green, blue and white for additive colour mixing.


Compact size, low weight and the newest multicore-connectors make the system ideal for touring.


Integrated soc®-technology guarantees linear lightness-control and absolutely flicker free fades even for slow overblends.


Every single T5 tube can be driven with a flash-frequency of 9-25 Hz and the reaction time of only 20 milliseconds guarantees best possible performance for professional theatre, event and architecture applications. subtle colour changes for basic and horizontal lighting in theatres and television studios are typical applications for the SpectraConnecT5 system.


For ideal integration in any stage or architectural setting, the appliances can be delivered in every desired colour.


Control / Wiring


DMX512 USITT protocol addressing via BCD Power/Data multicore system for fast connections


Features even control from 0 - 100% internal 16-bit resolution absolutely flicker-free fades separate control of intensity and color 20 milliseconds response time, up to 25 Hz strobe frequency


Lamps recommended type:

Narva T5/EQ 35W neon tube complete lightsource: 4 x T5 / 35W


Power supply / Rating input voltage: 230 VAC / 50 Hz power input: 175W full load


Channel assignment: 1 Intensity/Master 2 - 5 RGBW 6 strobe effect


Construction aluminium strand casting profile for every mounting position optionally available mounting brackets for trussing and pipes housing colour: black (special RAL colours on request) protection class IP20


Size / Weight 1485 mm x 115 mm x 80 mm / 58.46 in. x 4.52 in. x 3.14 in. (W x H x D), without mounting accessories


weight: 5.65 kg / 12.45 lbs


Cooling convection cooling for silent operation


Conformity EN 60598-1, EN 60598-2-1, EEC 72 / 23, EEC 93 / 68

Neon Fluorescent SpectraConnecT5

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